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Services to Sellers

Service to Sellers

  • Selling your most valuable asset.
    Your business may be your most valuable asset. You have worked hard your
    whole life and are ready to have more time for yourself and family
  • You are wondering how much your business is worth.
  • Who is going to buy it?
  • Is financing still available for business sales considering our present economy?
  • How will I keep the sale of my business confidential?
  • How much and where will my company be marketed?

NorWest Business Sales & Appraisals can handle the sale of your business from start to finish! We are a full service brokerage; we provide the Valuation, marketing, advertising, packaging, buyer pre-screening, negotiations, sales agreements financial support, escrow, etc. You are left to run your business and we handle the selling of it!

For Sellers, we provide the following services:

Business valuation: for Market Value

Marketing: We create what is called a (CBR) Confidential Business Review, complete with detailed information of operations, history, products or services, employee profiles, demographics, etc. As part of the CBR, we prepare professional financial assessment that clearly demonstrates the financial benefits of owning your company.

Buyer Pre-screening: We pre-screen all prospective buyer-prospects before any information is released. They must sign a comprehensive (NDA) Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement to ensure that your confidential information is protected. And the prospect must show evidence that he/she are capable of purchasing your business.

Offer to Purchase with earnest money provision: We will prepare the preliminary documents regarding the sale for your attorney’s review and revision.

Negotiations: Once an Offer to Purchase or LOI has been submitted, we handle the negotiations between you and the buyer with your full participation.

Financing: We assist the buyer in obtaining financing; after all, if a buyer can not obtain financing it is pretty hard to sell your business. We have assisted many buyers in obtaining general commercial loans as well as SBA loans.

Due Diligence: We manage the Due Diligence process in a professional and timely manner and assist in resolving any issues that might arise and threaten closing.
Escrow/Closing process: We serve as the “cog” for all professionals involved in bringing the transaction to a successful close. We handle and resolve issues, and last minute concerns and challenges. We love keeping a Deal together and bringing it to a close.

Appraisal / Valuation of your facility

We can provide a complete, written business appraisal for you for a variety of purposes: FSBO, Partner Buy Out, divorce settlements, ESOP, and selling your business to a buyer you know and have in hand or a family member. Our appraisals are complete, thorough and will stand up to scrutiny. You can use it to defend the price you are asking for your business. Appraisals follow the standards by the Institute of Business Appraisers. For appraisal services click here.


As a potential seller you want the most extensive marketing plan for your business without sacrificing confidentiality. We understand that, and have proven marketing venues at our disposal. Our marketing tools include a complete (CBR) Confidential Business Review, including pictures to showcase your business in the most favorable way possible. These materials are provided only to buyers who have been pre-screened and have signed a Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement.

Buyers find us via:

  • Our Web site:
  • Various ‘businesses-for-sale web sites
  • Direct mail, targeting business specific buyers
  • Local print and web media
  • Global web based media
  • Our proprietary database of buyers
  • Business MLS via International Business Brokers Association