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NorWest Business Sales, Inc. has been assisting Sellers in Oregon and Washington Sell their businesses for over two decades and many have some nice things to say about our services.

CUSTOM MEAT CUTTING AND RETAIL OUTLET WITH REAL ESTATE: “Hi Ladd, thought I would let you know how much my wife and I appreciated your professionalism and sense of urgency while helping us sell our business. We knew it would be hard, since their aren’t many Meat Cutting operations still in existence and few “real” meat cutters (butchers) that know how to do custom cutting for the farm and ranchers. Thanks also for bearing with us in our slowness in getting you all the numbers you wanted for the SBA loan…Good luck with your business, James Dolby, Seller and now retired”.

DAIRY & DAIRY PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTION: Hi Ladd, it took 2 years, but you finally got it done. I didn’t think it would be that hard to find someone with $2MM to buy this business. If you hadn’t been been so tenacious in locating a buyer, it might still be on the market. Damn, that SBA outfit are really something. I’m glad I’m retiring, I don’t think I would want to go through this process again. I really want to thank you for working so hard for me. Gary Uhacz-President

MOTHER NATURES WINE AND GROCERY: Dear Ladd, What a joy it was working with you on the sale of our business. You really kept us on track and pushed hard to make us get you the numbers each month. We think you found the best possible buyer for us. When you told us that there were few buyers who wanted to move the the coast and work a Mom and Pop business, Suzi and I thought it would take a long time, but you found us a buyer within 2 months and they are perfect….We thank you and hope your business continues to grow. I have a referral for you and will call you next week with the name. Regards, Justin Moore”

TIRE FACTORY: Dear Ladd, It took a while but we got it done. Thanks for all your help in finding the right buyer for my business. We know it would be tough to find one that could qualify for the SBA Loan, since it requires experience in the business. I appreciated your professionalism and dogged determination. It took a couple of tries, but you finally found the right guy. Have a great summer. Charlie Bretz, Retired

RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE WITH REAL ESTATE: “Thank you for finding right couple for my business. I didn’t think my back would hold out until we got done. And my legs feel better now with the new medication. When I get back from Greece, I want to talk to you about selling that other parcel across from the restaurant, OK? Good luck to you and will touch base when I get back..Regards, George Athanasakis”

ANTIQUE FURNITURE: Dear Ladd, What a relief….I wasn’t sure it was going to close after the Buyers found out that we were getting a divorce, but thanks to you, we were able to pull it off. If you hadn’t convinced Rick to take the first overseas buying trip with them it may not have closed. But they knew the kind of money they can make if the do the upgrades that we recommended. Thanks for being so kind during the selling process, you were a man of patience and professionalism. Sincerely, Cheryl Emerson”

STRIP MALL VANCOUVER, WA: “Thank you NorWest for work on this deal. We got the price that was right. Thanks, Jio”

QUIZNO’S: “Ladd, how can I ever thank you enough for helping me and Todd get through the selling process. When we bought them, we simply signed the franchise agreement and Todd did the build out and permits were the only thing we had any hassel with. Wow! I would never believed how many hoops you need to jump through just to sell two small businesses like these. Thanks for keeping us on track and getting the job don correctly…Best Regards, Jim Dow”

MILTON FREEWATER PLAZA: Thanks, James for all you help through out this selling project. I think we got the best price we could being in a small community like this. Keeping us on track was probably the most important part. The other was the locating the right attorney for us…thanks again, Michael Kuang”

CLEANING AND PAINTING SERVICES: Hey! Ladd, thanks for all your hard work and patience. I had no Idea that Shiela would just up and walk away and leave me with the responsibility of selling ‘her’ business. I guess the pressure was more than she wanted to deal with. I’m glad that you were able to track her down and get the power of attorney for me. Ladd, I don’t think I would have liked to try to sell this myself and again thanks for all your work. Dave Seitzinger”

CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: “Good morning Ladd, Just a note to thank you for the excellent job you did with the sale of our company. Your knowledge and professionalism resulted in a quick sale, and for a much higher price than we anticipated. My associates and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who want to sell their business . Best Regards, Dick Laurey, VP Sales & Marketing”

EQUIPMENT RENTAL AGENCY: Ladd, you did great! We ended up with the best of two worlds….I sold all of my equipment for a fair price and was able to keep my RE and building……You really worked hard for me and got it done fairly quickly….Regards, Ken Pyle.

PUMP IT UP FRANCHISE: Letter of Reference from Jay Harris, Pump It Up Wilsonville:
Ladd McGowan worked tirelessly for nearly two years to sell our business, Pump It Up, which has an indoor play arena and party room for kids. Over the two years Ladd fielded many phone calls regarding questions about the business and did an excellent job following up with the potential buyers and communicating with us. Ladd has a good understanding of what it takes to price and sell a business in this economic downturn and would not hesitate in hiring him again to sell my business in the future.


Jay and Laurie Harris